Why I Chose Animas?


I chose Animas because I had friends here, and because I loved the environment. I was here last year for the first six weeks, and had a great time. I made a bunch of friends, including teachers, and I had lots of fun. It was definitely something I enjoyed.  

    At Animas, people actually listened to me, and they put my ideas into perspective. They gave me feedback, and helped me to get a better understanding. When I need help, I’m not afraid to ask a teacher here for it. If I have a problem and I need to advocate for myself or others, having a good relationship with my teachers makes it easier to address that problem. If I am feeling down, there’s plenty of people here to help me keep going and to persevere. My way of thinking has changed, because I have been taught to see things differently. My grades in my classes have escalated because I have been providing evidence to back up all of my statements, easily turning a 2 page paper, into a 5. All of my work is more refined now that I have more help with it from my teachers and peers.

    I am a visual learner. I get things pretty quickly when shown how to do it with my own eyes. That’s how I learned music and art. Animas is very different compared to my other schools. I have been to traditional schools, and I have been home schooled. What I like most about Animas that other schools don’t have, is the relationships. At my last school, relationships were similar, but that’s because we all grew up together. Teachers as well. What pushes me to get things done, is what my plans are AFTER high school. I really want to get into an Ivy League like Harvard, UCLA, or Dartmouth. Those are my top choices so far. They really help me to strive to have good grades, and be really involved.

Robbie Patla, Colin Papanhagen, Nova Roberts, Ori Rehman, Jalynn Nicoly, and Me (not pictured) at the sophomore camping trip. 

September 6, 2017

Picture taken by me

@2017 created by Annabelle Mick 

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