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Hi, I'm Annabelle Mick. I graduate with the class of 2020. I was at Animas for 6 weeks my freshman year, then moved back to Texas. I finished out my year at 2 different high schools. The first was a 5A school in Amarillo, Texas. The second was a school smaller than Animas, in the small country town of Wheeler, Texas. In that small town, I was in One Act Play, and I played percussion for the high school band. I'll be honest, I do miss it, but I love Animas too. I'm a very creative person. I love art in all forms, and I love to make and listen to music. I am pretty active in and outside of school. I'm a part of The Friday Show, I'm in yearbook, I attend whatever I possibly can, and I'm very engaged during a normal school day.

After I graduate from AHS, I plan to attend Youth America College in Oklahoma City for 2 years, then attend one of my 3 major college choices. Harvard, UCLA, or Dartmouth. I'll go for Criminal Justice, Phycology, or whatever I actually decide to be when the time comes.  I have a German Shepherd, her name is Indie, and she's my best friend. We're pretty inseparable. She's a very important part of my life and she makes me happy!


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